The Sword-Breaker

After over two months of work, the Sword-Breaker is finally finished! In-fact, the *second* Sword-Breaker blade is finished! The process was full of challenges but it is so worth it to see it complete. What is remarkable to me is how it feels. The fluted wire-wrap handle is fantastic in the hand and the grip and balance make the blade feel nimble and aggressive.  The blade features 24k gold inlay in the antiqued, cold-blued guard and pommel giving a stunning touch of warmth to the otherwise dark-themed piece.

The auction has now ended and we are extremely excited to be sending it out to its new home! The final bid was $8000


Steel: 1080 and 15N20 blade, 1018 guard and pommel.

Handle: African Blackwood with twisted iron wire.

Overall length: 16.49” - 419mm

Blade length: 11.38” - 289mm

Weight: 1.16lbs - 524g

Balance: 0.5” - 12.6mm from Guard

Blade thickness at guard: 0.20” - 5.14mm

Blade thickness at tip before bevel: 0.093” - 2.35mm