Alec Steele 


I am a blacksmith based in Norwich, UK. I have a huge love of forging, making videos and entrepreneurship.  This website is the conglomeration of these 3 passions. Let me tell you a bit about myself! 

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The Beginning

 Me aged 11 or 12. Hammering away at a blacksmithing event! 

Me aged 11 or 12. Hammering away at a blacksmithing event! 

My passion for blacksmithing was set a flame at the age of 11, when, on a muddy and rainy July day I watched in awe as the local blacksmith hammered at yellow hot steel, making a stunning leaf pendant at a county show. 
Immediately, I got to work fashioning my own backyard smithy. With a very primitive, hole-in-the-ground charcoal forge, a section of railway track (kindly given to me by James Spedding, the blacksmith at the show) and a crazy energy, I forged for the first time. 

As I practiced and experimented more, the hobby became the focus of every free moment! If I wasn't hammering, I was reading, scouring the web for information or watching online tutorials. 


The Middle 

 13 year old me with Lyle Wynn and Brian Brazeal. Washington, LA.

13 year old me with Lyle Wynn and Brian Brazeal. Washington, LA.


I know most of what I know through studying under Brian Brazeal in the USA. At the age of 13, I traveled to Mississippi to take a 12 day class from him. There, I learnt tool making with a striker. I feel that this was an incredible introduction to the craft - it was a foundation that set me well on my way! 

I have since returned to learn from Brian and other smiths in the US on several occasions now. Their generosity has been unimaginable and it was these experiences that solidified my desire to become a full time blacksmith as soon as possible. On these trips I made great friends, learnt more than I could imagine and formed a great love of the USA. 


Alec Steele Blacksmith in workshop

Now, I run a business centred around providing entertainment, products and education to the hobbyist blacksmith. It is a huge thrill - something I am thoroughly honoured to be able to do. Playing my part in continuing the rejuvenation of this beautiful craft is VERY exciting! 

My greatest energy is spent making a daily YouTube Vlog! This is an artistic video, showing either the making of a specific project, what I am up to or a blacksmithing tutorial. Once a week, we do a live show where the viewers can ask me questions in real time, other blacksmiths call in via skype for an interview and we have a great time. Building and growing the community of people who follow me on YouTube is a great aspiration of mine. It is incredible to see the amount of viewers increase each week and know that I am able to provide 10-20 minutes of fire filled forging goodness each day to such a huge number of people! 


I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about my background! Please do scroll back to the top and keep browsing the website!