The Viking Sword

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This is the Viking Sword that I have devoted the last 2 months of my life to. The blade, with a meticulously created ‘explosion twist’ damascus pattern, from 1080 and 15N20 steel, captivates the eye as it is studied. It is designed around a “Type 3” Geibric classification sword and typical in shape and dimension to blades from the mid 10th century.

The steel hilt components gave me my largest ever challenge: To learn engraving and gold-inlay. The upper and lower guard were adorned with ‘Jelling’ inspired beasts that wrap from one side to the other. Channels were engraved and gold hammered in to form the outlines of these creatures. It was a gargantuanly time-intensive undertaking, on a microscopic scale. After 4 weeks of engraving they were complete and ready for the setting of the garnets. Another, completely new-to-me skill to quickly practice up on and learn. The pommel is adorned with two of my ‘S’ touchmarks, inlayed in gold. The pommel is wrapped in twisted gold wire. The grip itself is crafted from ancient bog-oak and compliments the dark tones throughout this piece.

Every step on this project was a new step, with failure and education a theme throughout. It humbled me, frustrated me and excited me. It taught me about patience, it taught me about commitment and it taught me about history. This sword is a pivotal stepping stone in my career as a craftsman and I look forward to being able to send it to its new owner soon.

Auction Starting Price: £5000


Over-all-length: 890mm
Blade length: 750mm

Blade width at hilt: 52mm
Blade width at end of fuller: 35mm
Blade thickness at hilt: 4mm
Blade thickness at end of fuller: 2.15mm

Weight: 778g, 1lbs 11oz
Balance Point: 135mm, 5.3” from guard.

1080 steel, 15N20 steel, mild steel, gold (hallmarked to 18k), garnet, bog-oak, bronze.

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