Steele Grinder 2x48"

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Steele Grinder 2x48"

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You've seen us using it in the videos, it's now available to PREORDER for dispatch in 2 week!!

Designed and updated with the needs of the serious knifemaker, blacksmith and fabricator in mind, this grinder is an incredibly well-designed beast. The welded frame and CNC machined components are manufactured and assembled in Australia.

I have been using mine in the workshop for the past 2 months. It's never skipped a beat and I keep finding ways it's well thought out design helps me grind better and more efficiently!

This grinder includes: 
• Grinder body with 3 tooling arm-holes.
• Tooling arm with rotating platten.
• 4" Drive Wheel.
• Mounts for EU or USA standard motor fitments (select from options).
• Standard tool rest.

Does not include a motor, VFD (recommendations below) or the pivoting bench mount pictured below the grinder in these images (available seperately). 
Warning: An addiction to making knives will be a side-effect of purchasing the Steele Grinder!!


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  • 2×48” belt length
  • 6” platen backing
  • 4 way rotating platen
  • Slack belt
  • 2” and 3” contact wheels
  • Rubber coated wheels for smooth performance and great belt traction
  • Flat plane belt tracking for accurate belt alignment
  • Fully welded frame
  • 3 arm slots
  • Fixed work rest
  • Platen arm also accepts small wheels
  • Protective spark guard
  • Flips from vertical to horizontal with optional floor or bench stand
  • Made in Australia. 


  • You will require a motor. If you want to control the speed, a very useful feature, you will also need a Variable Frequency Drive (Speed Controller, VFD). A variable frequency drive works by changing the frequency of the input current to the motor to control the speed. VFD's will only work with 3phase motors so make sure you get the appropriate motor if you intend to speed control it!
    Please ensure you follow all wiring diagrams that may be provided with this equipment as incorrectly wiring can damage the motors or cause it to run weaker. 

  • I would recommend a 1.5HP motor, it is what I have on mine! 


  • IF NO VFD (SINGLE SPEED): USA Fitment is for a 56C 1.5hp 3450rpm single phase motor. Here are two suitable models: BUDGET MOTOR ...... HIGH-END MOTOR

  • IF YES VFD: USA Fitment is for a 56C 1.5hp 3600rpm 3phase motor. Available HERE

  • VFD USA  Though it can be run from 110V, best performance will come from 220V.


  • IF NO VFD (SINGLE SPEED): EU Fitment is for single phase B34 mount 2720rpm Motor, which is available from here in the UK. (SELECT B34 FOOT AND FACE). Switchgear is also available from this supplier.

  • IF YES VFD: EU Fitment is for 3 phase B34 mount 2720rpm Motor, which is available from here in the UK (SELECT B34 FOOT AND FACE)

  • VFD Control the speed of the 3 phase motor. Can be powered by a single 13A household plug.

    NB. Running VFD's above 75 HZ will cause premature wear to the motor. Stick to the motor rating.