1 Month Paid Internship Position.

Hey guys! I get asked all the time whether people can come and work for me and soak up some information. It is super exciting to get so many requests and I am willing to open up the shop doors for this opportunity to the right candidate. You will do and learn a slice of everything I do on the shop floor whether helping projects be completed in a timely manner, keeping the workshop tidy or entertaining the viewers: it is an all encompassing role. There will be a lot of hard work. Do not apply if you are not willing to work hard. The harder you work in this position - the more I can teach you! 

This will be a paid position for one month of Monday-Friday full time work starting as soon as the best candidate is available. 

Requirements at a minimum:
• UK/EU citizen or legally elligible to work in the UK. 

• A one minute introductory video about yourself. 
• You must be able to work in the Fakenham area of Norfolk in the UK. 
• You should have transport, the workshop is in a fairly remote area. 
Basic experience with general metal working processes: Drilling/Angle Grinding/Welding etc. (Forging and Knife making experience is a BIG plus!). 
• Safety conscious work habits. 
• Positive attitude and a willingness to strive to improve each day. 
• Be willing to be on camera and develop your "stage presence". 
• As this is a paid position that will require you to be productive to the overall mission of the business, please stress the value you can provide in your application. 

Please fill out the form below and fill out all required fields. If I like what I read I will get back in touch with you for an interview before the 20th June. Please therefore submit your application promptly. 

Looking forward to working with you.

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