So... You're thinking about coming to the historic city of Norwich...for...a...blacksmithing class...? 

Well! You chose the right city! My workshop is situated a mere mile from the beautiful Norwich Cathedral. 1.5 miles from the Norwich Train station, 2 miles from the Norwich Bus station, 3 miles from Norwich International Airport and 25 Miles from some of Britain's most captivating coastline.


Some of our courses include accommodation - if they don't or you want to sort your own out...

Google will bring up many local B&B's and Hotels! My Postcode is NR2 4TN (full address under contact info). 

However, several students from abroad have used the Premier Inn on Duke Street, Norwich and have enjoyed their stay! 

If you need parking, the Premier Inn on Nelson Street would be more suited to you! 


How on earth do I get to Norwich!?

• International Students from North America/worldwide: Easiest way is to fly straight into Norwich, it can be more expensive than the options below! 

• Fly into London Heathrow Airport and book a bus ticket to take you to Norwich Bus Station. The busses are very cost effective, comfortable and clean. Alternatively, get a tube on the London Underground into London King's Cross and take the London Underground to London Liverpool Street. Here you will find connections to Norwich Train Station. 

• European Students: Fly into London Stansted airport and book a bus ticket to take you to Norwich Bus Station. Alternatively, fly straight into Norwich International Airport where you can either get a taxi, or, contact me in order that I see if I can pick you up! It is only 3 miles from the workshop! 

FLIGHTS ARE EXPENSIVE?!?! ----Nope! They aren't if you look in the right places! Google flights have always given me the cheapest flight prices! A return ticket from New York can be had for as low as $450 and from Seattle as low as $500
Flying from Europe? EasyJet and Ryan Air are always the cheapest!

How long do we work? 

All classes are aimed to start at around 9am, we will work until between 5 and 6pm. 

What about food?

just a few hundred meters from the workshop you can find a "Greggs" Bakery and a food truck offering burgers and baps! Bring a water bottle! Forging is physically demanding work, stay hydrated! 

Do I keep my tools? 

Of course!! All of the tools we make are yours!! Unless otherwise noted in the class details! 

What facilities are there at the workshop? 

Well we have room service, a spa, a private masseuse.... 

All joking aside, it is a workshop, facilities are sparse! However, we have very clean running water, a toilet, kettle, microwave and toaster oven. 

Parking at the workshop is a squeeze but it is there if you need it!

What is appropriate forging attire?

Please wear non-synthetic clothing such as a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt. Ideally you would also wear leather boots. Any sturdy footwear will work however. 


If you have any PPE you use personally, bring it! If you dont, I can supply you with eye protection, hearing protection and gloves for the day! 

Film and Photos? 

Take as much many videos and photos as you like! Please do send me some links to any you publish after the fact if you are happy with me using them in my own media! 



Most of all, if you have any hesitations, please do feel free to send me a message or call me! I would be thrilled to help! 

See you at the forge soon!