Frequently Asked Questions...


How old are you? 


When did you start blacksmithing? 

Age 11, in my backyard after seeing some blacksmiths demonstrating and being blown away! I used a pile of bricks and a foot pump for a forge and a small section of railway track for an anvil!

How did you learn? 

Initially, with lots of internet studying, book reading and some incredibly generous help from local blacksmiths. However at age 13 after traveling to Mississippi, Brian Brazeal instructed me in making tools with a striker: a foundation that proved to be so important that to this day, I reference what I learnt over those 12 days and the subsequent occasions he's taught me every time I forge. I learnt making Damascus steel from Dave Lisch and have learnt plenty more from many more friends all over the world. 

How long have you been a full time blacksmith? 

As of March 2017, a little under 3 years! I left school age 16 to pursue this crazy love of forging full time. Best decision I have ever made!

Why did you leave school? 

I wanted to do more than ingest information like a glorified funnel. I wanted to create my own path. 

I get to play with fire... 

Is Steele really your last name? 

Yup! Do you get the Iron-Y? 

Do you ever sleep? 

Yes, sometimes less than I'd like when editing a video takes until 3am. But usually a good 6-8 hours like most folks. 

Why the love of America? 

Since I learnt much of my craft from some incredibly generous people in the US and have made such great friends there, the country carries a deep significance with me. Overall, the people, values and culture are plain awesome!

Your Texas flag is the wrong way round! 

No, please look up section: 3100.059 (B) (2) of the Texas state flag code. The white stripe should be to the observer's left when displayed vertically. 

Do you take custom orders? 

Not right now! My focus currently is solely on making YouTube videos! I don't generally sell my work either. 

Are you taking class bookings? 

Sadly not currently. Same reason as above! 

Are your glasses real?